Monday, July 7, 2008

Our fourth

was low key.  Actually, I was a dodo.
Not surprising.
I never know the date. I always rely on a quick glance of the watch. Some months are longer than others and I always seem to forget to correct that. So I often have the wrong date, and that is just fine in my world.
 I'm not really, truly aloof.
 It's the watches fault.
So Waldorf Julie gives me a call.
" What are you doing for the fourth?
I dunno... ( I look at watch and see that it is the 2nd, I have a few days to see what's going on)
Want to get together, BBQ, and see fireworks?
Let me ask A, in case he has plans set up.
Does he work the 4th?
I dunno...., maybe?
See how this is going?
A comes home.
"What are we doing on the fourth, Julie was thinking we could do something, are you going in to work?
No, I am not going in, it's the friggin fourth of July, and that would be tomorrow!
So that's how it goes for me.
But, we did get together. It was touch and go because it is still kind of gloomy. We scrapped going to see fireworks, and had a drive way show of our own.
 The kids
had some
So we were good.
We had a great time together. 
The food was good this time. Last time, we burnt the ribs.
I made ice cream again. This time it was coconut almond chip. It was crackalakin. ( I love that goat)
We did barn chores,
and tried to convince Tony to embrace the chickens, and that goats are by far the best animals in the barnyard.
We have more work to do.
 Julie has some more great pictures on her blog. Check em'
We love whole family play dates with Julie's crew!-K

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Anthony said...

I now love the goats. I have seen the light. But that rooster made a run at my boy, dammit. I better not meet him down any dark alleyways. But goats = ice cream. So goats rule! Those were some awesome burgers Addy made. Where did he get that organic beef from? It was truly scrumdilly.