Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Otie, new friend, routines, and something yummy.

So we have a dog named Otie. He is part Anatolian Shepard, which means he protects livestock. 
I HAVE livestock!
Took a while for the old noggin to pick that one up.
So I finally decided to introduce him to the goats and chickens.
He did great!
 Goats were a bit pissed that there was a common, filthy canine in their pure pristine caprine pad, but they'll get over it.
I am hoping that Otie will guard the goats and such once the fence is installed. He loves to lay up there as it is and keep an eye out for trespassers of the predacious kind. I have been spoiling him up there and letting the goats out with him, and he has just been Mr. manners.
I so hope he will work for me.
Please, accept the job! There will be bones, and bully sticks...
 That would just be icing. He won't even come into the house at night anymore, so I am hoping that he will take to his job and sleep in the barn with his charges, at least.
We'll see.
M made a new friend at Earth Scouts.
We went over for a play date, and really it was a fantabulous play date.
M and her new friend, played almost the whole time uninterrupted.
 There was a hot tub
in which to entertain the guys,
M had to get in on that, too!
There was lots of 
There was even another 3 year old for E to butt heads with.
I love when things like this are quite enjoyable for us all. Just a good day!
So Whimsi's blog post the other day,  got me thinking about things.
About how maybe I have not been including my kids in my everyday existence. I mean they are ALWAYS included, I mean heck we are always doing things together. 
All the time. 
But I mean like everyday things that I tend to do solo like cooking and cleaning. You know meaningful tasks that benefit the entire household. Maybe it would do wonders for their self worth, that they made a difference in the day to day workings of our household. I am not really talking chores here, but pitching in, being busy in a very meaningful and appreciated way. 
So today, I included them. 
And they were very happy to help!
They retrieved laundry and sorted it.
They helped
me cook
 a divine apple treat.
This is the yummy recipe. I used regular butter.
They cleaned the living room, there was joyful vacuuming..
Who knew!-K



Stephanie S. said...

So I updated olm just a minute ago, and I went to come check out yours from there, and it wasn't there!!
I have you listed directly on my homepage, which is how I usually come here, but not on olm?
But this is one of my very favorite blogs!!
Point is, I'm putting you in.

EC said...

These photos are so fun! Can I move up there, too? LOL I'll help the dog guard the goats.

I'm flattered than anything I wrote got you thinking about "thangs". Thanks for saying that. :)


MamaK said...

Aww thanks Steph, I am flattered to be on YOUR blog roll!
Isn't that why we read each others thoughts and actions, to be inspired to gain knowledge and to connect? Your blog is great like that!-k