Monday, July 21, 2008


I won a prize. In a contest! A photo contest.
No, not from my little point and shoot of course.
But one of Whimsi's. She uses one of those big SLR bells and whistles professional thingamabobyies. 
You know the type. But somehow, I am THE lucky winner in her,
I did absolutely nothing but get randomly chosen. But all along I was sure I was going to win. 
Well, well, you never know when that's gonna happen. And unlike the lotto, I still got my dollar and my dream. But really folks, you DO have to be in it to win it. Evie is always hosting some cool thing or other. She made me a winner, not once, in her science fair, but now twice with the picka- photo. Only love and all good things can be found on her blog. I am ever grateful that I stumbled across it. Thanks Whimsi, for showering me with your good vibe. I will think of you whenever I enter the W/C.-K


Anthony said...

congratulations! i've got little leo under control. i'll just need you pick him up one day next week. Or I'll bring him over to you guys. Doesn't matter to me.

EC said...

Oh good lord, how you make me laugh! I'm glad you won!

Now, can you hold a contest that I could win because I really, truly never win anything. I've entered the Pioneer Woman's "name that photo" contests more times than I can count and never even an honorable mention.

Seriously, I'd be happy to just win a paperclip. LOL


EC said...

I'm mailing it out this weeeeeek!!!

Probably on Friday!!!