Thursday, July 3, 2008

Of science and fishing, and a lot of rambling

Not together or in that order even, but that's about what your going to find in this post.
 I hate having to title these posts. It gets hard and weird. So I think being blunt is better. At least today.
 We have had a weird week. We just sort of spent it hanging out here. We have been running all over, the weather has been unpredictable, and I had some weird bug going on.
 First, I thought it was Lyme's disease, then West Nile Virus, then pregnancy. Thankfully it's not any of the above because today I feel pretty good, and I took a  pregnancy test, and it was positively NEGATIVE!
I like babies, loved being pregnant, but I am past that stage and wanting to move on. Plus, E is a very high energy kind of guy, and quite frankly the thought of being pregnant and having him, scares the crap out of me!
So anyway, the kids have been obnoxious. I am not sure why. M has been whiny and cries easily. So we have been having a more structured day for her and she is doing better. She likes to be busy so we have been doing some sit down book work. forging forward, and challenging her brain  a bit, she seems more fulfilled.
 K and E have just been wild.  Not listening. It was such an abrupt change, and I can't seem to put my finger on the root of it. They have been eating a few too many hot dogs, They found a big package of marshmallows they have been working on, and a certain someone NAMED A, brought home a huge box of Mrs. Field's cookies which they have been munching on all week. The ingredient list in those is nothing less than horrible. I kind of think this may have loads to do with their new found ADHD like symptoms.
K has been doing some book work as well, and he really enjoys the one on one time and trying some new skills.
I just give E art projects to do, socks to match, towels to fold, little jobs to do when his testosterone gears up.
I went a head and ordered a curriculum again for the kids after taking a year off of book work. It's been a great year, they have learned a ton, their self confidence exploded, but the winters here are long.  AND there are so many wonderful books to read. M wants to improve her cursive writing and reading, K just wants to read and write like his sis. I'm not saying we are immersing ourselves into a rigorous schedule. But a few hours in the morning will be put a side, or perhaps in the afternoon, where ever our day needs something to fill it up a bit.  At least they have will have this one constant thing to expect. So, about 800.00( egads!) later we are all geared up for September, maybe October due to travels.
 We will reevaluate our happiness and desires next year and revise as needed. That's the beauty really. The freedom to change and try different things as you wish. We'll find our fit. Eclectic, child led, whatever. I like to say we are just happy.
Really happy.
 Anyway, the world gifted us with science after a rain storm the other day.
It was a hot muggy day, then a quick thunderstorm appeared, the sun came back out and I looked out at the drive way and shreiked "EVAPORATION"
The kids popped up and expected to see something, not sure what, but something that would produce such excitement.
I hustled them outside while spouting water cycle facts and about clouds.
The kids ran through it.
Yes, that is the boys peeing to help out with more evaporation.
K was quite giggly about the prospect of HIS pee raining down on some unsuspecting people. Because, well, pee is funny, and pee raining out of the sky is hilarious. Apparently.
Yes, we are still in our PJ's, and some have no clothes
E felt that the evaporation was cooling.
We touched on how animals use evaporation for just that thing. Like the Turkey Vulture who craps on his legs because it cools him down as it evaporates, or the way an Elephant sprays his back with water to achieve the same.
It was neat, and quite dramatic, we talked of wizards, and fog, and dry ice.
 I love it when the world is a living lab like that.
Yesterday, we decided to try and catch some fish.
We generally are not so good at this. We love the act of fishing but our end result is not so boasty.
Oh, and directly behind us about 10 feet a way we heard a crack, and this big dead limb crashed to the ground. That was almost a quick end for perhaps one of us! But the pond gods were kind to us that day..
And yesterday, K was the lucky fisherman. He caught two, landed one.
We had lot's of nibbles, lot's of bobbling bobbers, many stolen worms.
And one keeper of a sunny!
The best part was finding the worms. I let the kids find which environment best supports worm life. Overturning logs was the clear winner in this yard.
We played at the new local park
for a bit afterward.
 We headed home for some barn chores, and Ghost Hunter watching.
The last thing you want to have happen when you go to bed after watching scary shows is hear scratching and bumping sounds on the roof. You definitely don't want to hear screaming sounds about an hour after you fall in a deep sleep coming from outside the bedroom window. And surely having your 5 year old waking up terrified running through the house screaming because there is an apparent demonic entity that came out of the TV to live with you because your mom likes this crap, is just gravy.
Stupid horny raccoons.-K


Anthony said...

Science rules! Heard we may hang out on the 4th if we find some fireworks somewhere. Heck, let's just make our own. You've got the land for it. We'll bring the fireworks and you bring the ice cream :)

Three Mommies said...

I love E's shirt. Ryan needs one. Where did you get it?

MamaK said...

Walmart! Fits those guy's to a T!