Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New routine

Well, I mentioned a few posts back that the kids and I were feeling aimless as of late. Maybe the newness of summer is gone, maybe we are in a unstructured rut of sorts. 
Maybe it's just me.
 The kids have been on track learning wise, I see evidence of learning every day.
Almost always in leaps when you least expect it.
They are having a hard time with passing time. They seem aimless at various points of the day and their undirected energy is getting them in arguments/spats and destructive moods.
Now, they are all 6 and under, and I know that they can't just think of ways to pass the long day, although they do a darn good job.
 That will come with age and as hobbies and interests form. But they are not in a happy place some days. They get bored on and off. I don't find boredom to be a bad thing. I truly believe it sparks many an interesting journey. But my guys as young as they be, need some guidance right now. They can't figure out what to do. Right now.
We talked about what they wanted to do, as in what their personal goals were. M said she wanted to improve her reading, cursive writing, and work on her sketchbook. K said he wanted to sit and learn how to do things like reading and writing. E said I just want to color like K.
So I ordered some new interesting material, and a lot of read alouds that would tie into everything. And because damn it, they are great books. I said we would change our daily routine and we would have stuff for us to work on in the mornings. The afternoons, and of course the weekends, would be for whatever we wanted to do. 
They have been doing the new routine for two days now. I have happier kids again. They are loving being read to as they work on art stuff. M loves to spell,
and tackle new words in new books, she is LOVING her new Math program as well. She had been working on Math-u see, and man, it just got to be a grind. Singapore has been so refreshing for her. She has been sketching things all over the place.
She has always loved doing stuff like this. 
K is a ham. He is such a sponge. He is loving social studies, and history, and things that speak of cultures, and tribes. The kid has a serious love for archeology. He is so proud of himself with his writing.
He had already taught himself the letters and sounds. He is well on his way to reading. I give him 6 months until he catches it. He too is in love with working on math, and learning to write his numbers. He mutters to himself as he writes. He has made little sayings up that help him remember how to draw the numbers. he says " a circle on top of a circle" for 8's, and a 9 "is a balloon with a string on the side"
Now I know he is my kid, but that is some kind of smart, right?
E takes himself into the art room when I sit down one on one with the older kids, and creates lovelies like this:
 and this
The past two days have been great. The kids are just glowing with the new accomplishments. They just needed something, even if it's guided busy work to get them out of a rut.
M's cursive is just going so well. It is probably her favorite thing to do. Because she says" it is so fashion" But really this is pretty good for a 6 year old.
I mean you just have to hand it to her.
The art room is getting some play as well. K has been making some funky
glittery gluey things.
E starts with the clay
Someone catches wind of it and joins in.
Next thing you know, the floor is covered with kids and clay.
Anyway, the last two days have been fun, and the kids are happy on this new trail we've headed down. It will be interesting to see where it goes, and what each one takes from it. I wonder.-K

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