Thursday, July 10, 2008

Let me tell you

about all the cool things we did and about all the pictures I keep missing. Man, we went on this great field trip, and had a great trash pick up/ hang out at this zen forest and I remembered my camera. Sounds great!
So far.
SNAP! ( that's the sound of my camera if digital's had a describable sound)
I left my memory card at home.
Almost on the ball.
Anyway, with a little bit of help from google images, I think I can patch this post up.
We had a nice outing with our earth scout troop at the Wheelabrator facility in Bridgeport CT.
Basically we had a grand tour at a refuse collection place that burns garbage and turns it into steam, which then gets converted in to electricity and sold to the local grid.
There is a lot of garbage there, and they took us through the whole process.
It was quite interesting, actually.
I'll give you the express.
First the dump trucks from the surrounding counties brings the motherload here.
The guy's in the cranes, who by the way, have the best job. Just think about that machine that you have to pump 75 cents into to try to trap a crappy stuffed toy in that crane grabber device.
It's just like that! But way bigger.
Without the quarters.
And, umm, with garbage.
The coolest part was that you were in this glass box over all this garbage.
It really WAS cool.
So anyway, the garbage gets burned up in this huge blazing furnace.
We got to peak through windows, it was hot.
And a little stinky.
All the heavy metals melt through grates and are recycled, as is the ash. The smoke is treated with sprays and fine ash to trap toxins. The heat from the fire heats up the purified water in the tubes lining the chimney and is converted through a huge turbine into electricity and the power is sold off.
Like this:
From crap to zap.( I coined that, right here....)
Clever, eh?
I mean me, and yeah so is the process.
So feel a little better the next time you see this.
Next, we headed off to Roosevelt Forrest in Stratford, CT.
Our plans were to picnic, play, trash cleanup, play, etc.
We pretty much did that. I did not have my camera but it looked like this.
Just imagine happy earthy children running amok, right here:
Julie did a post on this very field trip and she has some photos on her blog, I stole this one.
This patched up quite nicely after all.

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