Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chickens came back!

So my on the lam chickens have decided to return home. All of them, uneaten. Well, until we can fence the perimeter of the pasture up in barn territory, we have fenced in a small yard for them to eat bugs and be a little free. Goats were ever so helpful...
And we adopted 3 of these cuties!
I was picking up food at the local feed store and I heard that there was a lady who was looking to adopt out Muscovy ducks. They look like this, as adults.
Well, I was game!
We headed over, and M picked out three wee ducklings who are now taking residence in the chicken coop with no problems.
So thier names are as followed. M named hers, Rosie, E named his Tiger, and K's duck is named, Nothing Really! No really, Nothing Really is it's name.
 I like it!
 The woman who gave us the ducks also happened to run a greyhound rescue. I was always very curious about them, and man, they are super sweet. I bet we'll get one in a few years. They were just very happy dogs, and quite beautiful. She had 15! These are the 4 that we hung out with for a while.
Hmm.. well, we swam, 
We try and do that every Saturday.
swimming, swimming, just keep swimming...
What do we do, we swim!
Rode on some horses
M was pretty much on her own, 
K asked to barrel race,
so they taught him how to do an obstacle course with bottles
Kids had guitar, and shamefully, I can't recall what ever else went on.
We started Sunday with breakfast at the diner, It was GOOOD! Lot's of chocolate chip pancakes, and eggs benedict for me! We headed to a local trail for a family hike. It was a beautiful spot, and of course I forgot my damn camera! K found a red eft there last week!
(google images)
I looked for my entire teenage and young adult life to find one. I am so glad K spotted it. It was quite lovely, and so different from it's later life stage the Eastern Newt.
Instead of that slick newt skin, the eft stage's was rough. It was so cool.
SO cool.
 The rest of the day we cleaned up the yard, and decluttered and did laundry. I plan on being lazy for the rest of the day, in case your wondering. I plan on copious amounts of TV, and maybe some beer.-K

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