Friday, July 11, 2008

Cake for lunch

M is possibly the best mixer in the world,
just never give her a recipe that says to not over mix, or mix until moist. I don't think it would work out so well.
Why bother with a dishwasher?
Boys work best.

it's a long wait...
Nothing waste time better than making icing. 
Remember that whipped butter I accidentally made? I added a bit of cream cheese, cherry preserves, almond extract, and stevia.
 Such a lovely concoction.
Waiting to dig in.
First forkful for K.
It went down easy.
M's turn,
leaves her befuddled. Or something.
Now E, we all know he is a bit different.
I knew right about here,
that things were going funny.
Aww Geez..
Here we go!


Kim said...

Mmmm, cake for lunch...sounds fabulous! That video of E cracked me up...he's too funny!

Anonymous said...

aaaahh yes. the sugar high dance. i recognise it all too well.

hehehe. cake for lunch is a fab idea. especially when you have such wonderful helpers.

Three Mommies said...

E is great! He reacted just the way Ryan would :)

The frosting looks yummy.