Sunday, July 20, 2008

around here

So I am going to do an overdue what's going on around here post. We have been holding steady and things are going well. I would really like to increase the goat herd a bit next spring. I am hoping that Mini, our registered Nigerian will give us a doe come spring.
If our mini mancha Leyla has a boy, I would like to whether him and keep him around to help me detect when the girls go into heat.
I am trying to track them, but man they are so subtle about it. The goats turned out to be one of my favorite animals. They are so sweet and playful. 
 They are like a dog but you get dairy products to boot!
 The chickens are doing pretty well.
We have had two deaths in the past week and a half. One being a young meat chick that I discovered one evening. It seems that they can suffer sudden death from a heart condition that they are predisposed to. Yesterday, in the laying coop I found a dead young chicken. I think he may have been squished in a corner by the others, or perhaps coccidia. I will treat everyone just to be sure. Other than those two incident, the rest are doing fine.  On the 25th we pick up our Turkeys. I am wondering how that will go. I guess I will learn as I go, turkeys are a bit different than chickens. 
We'll see.
The garden is going much better now. We had so much rain, and not enough heat and things were just not going well.
Finally, we have turned the corner, but we did lose the watermelons, and carrots, pattypan squash, onions and garlic, which I will start again today.
The rest looks pretty darn good

The orchard is doing well, the tree's are still so young, it will be a few years before we are lucky enough to get fruit from them. We did lose a cherry, a peach and one apple, which we will replace next year. Hopefully next year we will get some bee's, and that will really help the garden and trees out. I cannot wait for this place to fill out some more.
For our first year, we have learned a bit. We have a lot more to go, but you know what, you can't really learn unless you do.-K


Pax said...

The goats look great. Sorry to hear about the plants and trees lost. No issues with deer?

Go to and see how others are doing. You may be interested in joining it too. Sort of a Myspace for gardeners and those interested in sustainable lives.

Hope to see you guys soon.

julie said...

Sorry to hear about the chicks.
Your garden is starting to look good!

denise said...

I just discovered your blog What an amazing garden!