Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another weekend gone by

 This one was a nice pace.
I hate the weekends that are harried or to busy to simply sit somewhere and be lazy.
We started our saturday morning with a bit of tennis. It went really well for M. 
Not so good for K. He got hit not once,
not twice, 
But yes, dear people, three times with the ball.
But he just rolls with it, has a good laugh at himself and keeps on trying. That's my guy.
Finally after a long two week wait, it was horse riding lesson time. Both kids were looking forward to this in a big way.
They did outstanding.
I know I said this last week, but I am just stunned with K's demeanor on the horse.
He is a completely different kid. He is so confident, and vocal and has this great energy when he is on that horse. He made the trainers take him over a jump. 
Yes, on his second lesson. 
Well, they let the horse step over the jump. But the point is, that he was ready to take it on. I still can't really describe how he is on that horse.
My boy, but not my boy.
good weird.
Anyway, M is doing great as well.
She told me that she thinks she finally found her thing. She is a big fan of horses,
and she told me that she loved me six times in a half hour while we were at the barn, and she meant it. Truly from the depths of her heart. She was saying it because she really wanted me to know right then. Because she was so happy for the opportunity, and for simply being there on that horse.
 It was nice.
This is my favorite horse. She has such lovely spots. I think I love her.
 Ok enough about the horses, but man, that barn is a fine place to kill an hour.
 A made a suggestion that we should check out the local Y's outdoor pool. I am so glad that we went! We ran into another home schooly family, we all had a great swim.
The water was so pleasant, and K swam for the first time by himself.
For real.
He has been kinda swimming with floaty arms, and at his lessons with a bubble. He had them off, and I said why don't you jump in with M, and she will help you back to the wall.
They ran and in they jumped.
He swam back to the wall all alone.
I said, try to do it 5 times, and he did!
So we all celebrated 2 scoop style! 
Late afternoon, the kids had their first guitar lesson. John is a really cool teacher that Julie hooked us up with. Thanks, Julie!
K was funny, just strumming away. Loudly.
 M has two years of Violin behind her, and it really helped. 
The kids had a great time and made sure to tell me that they want to do it again next week.
Sunday, we hung around, and then decided to go see Wall-E.
It was just ok. The kids were all, Eh...
They were more excited about the arcade in the lobby.
 We headed home and checked out an antique car show, but we got there at the end, and there was only tractors left. The boys were sleeping. So M got the slow drive through tour.
 We met my parents at our house and had a BBQ, and got to see Great Grammy.
She likes to come here. She is tickled that we have goats, and chickens. I made bread today, and she just about lost her dentures.
 "I never saw bread that high with just one yeast cake!"
 We sent her home with eggs, milk and bread.
She was speechless.
That's almost impossible.
We love that funny grammy.-K
P.S, We busted out sparklers
and K taped himself up.


EC said...

WOW! Your posts are chock full of good stuff!!! i love that speckled horse, too. What a beauty!

Your kids are doing so many wonderful things, what a fun mom you are!

Pax said...

Glad to see you are having a great summer. It looks like a horse is in your future! And maybe you and I should buy stock in Scotch-tape. Did he tape his whole body?

MamaK said...

PAX! I have missed you so! Really I have. We will visit you soon, really. No, he hog tied himself, we poked him with things til he squeled. Much fun. And yes, I should have rights tto that company. How are you?-K

Thanks, your pretty fun too, and you take such pretty pix...-Kim