Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another day, another lake

We are just loving these State parks our fine State has to offer. Today we met some friends from the homeschool group at Wharton Brook State park in Wallingford, CT.
It was a really nice park that had a little beach and a swimming area.
But none of that mattered, because there were loads and loads of bullfrog tadpoles. See all of those black dots? 
We also saw snapping turtles, crayfish, and weird water insects. For K, today was brilliant.
He came running up to me with a lump in his net. I guessed by the look on his face, and his rapid open mouthed breathing.
But of course, a bullfrog
E has become K's frogging apprentice of sorts. He gets to do the dirty work like holding the cups, and stepping into area's first to see if there are leeches. It must be a ball being K's little buddy, eh. 
E doesn't seem to care. I think he digs it. He follows his big brother around like a little puppy dog.
I think if E was a dog, he would definately be a Bulldog, yeah. Tenacious little E.
 M was flitting about the lake making new friends,
hanging out and making stick sculptures in the sand.
Remember doing this as a kid?
Finding the really soupy sand
and making drip drop castles.
I loved those. I had forgotten about them. My kids are the best reminders of the simple joy that each day can hold.


EC said...

Looks like your kids had so much fun! I couldn't relax enough to enjoy that but how wonderful that kids can!

Stephanie S. said...

I love that too.
All that gloppy, glurpy, slurpy fun.
Wet oozing mass.
Sound gross, I s'pose, :), but I like it!