Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend stuff and some

So we had a pretty good run of fun this weekend, and some screw ups on my part, but all is well that ends well.
On saturday, the kids had their first tennis lesson. I forgot my camera! It was funny. One teacher, 8 or 9 kids swinging rackets, chasing down balls, teacher trying to keep them focused, lot's of air tennis. 
Do you have that visual yet?
They played some games, had a good time.
Next we headed off to Horse riding lessons. I headed out to the residence address and not the barn address, so I was all confused, then lost, then mad, then weirdly giggly. Kind of like when a person is freezing to death and they take their clothes off because they think they are hot, then we found it!
I made my apology, gave them my lame excuse, and got the kids on the horses. 
They did so well, and of course loved every second!
 K surprised me, he was so commanding, confident and gentle. He handled his horse so well, that they asked if he had ridden before.
 M, did well too. I sort of knew she would, not a shocker.
 But K was a funny thing.
M rode Maggie, and K rode Mr. Magoo.
I have been waiting for this day for a while. It was fun to see them out there. I think I smiled the whole time. 
I may have looked a bit manic maybe.
 My first impressions are generally less than stellar.
Anyway, We headed home and made a card cause M was headed off to a birthday party.
Or so we thought.
 Here come screw up #2.
We get over to the party house, really, very close to being on time.
It's not looking so birthdayish.
There are no kids or other minivans unloading, or even balloons. It was so dead that there was a beautiful bird in full song.
Think tumbleweeds.
We walk around the house trying to figure this thing out cause I was quite befuddled.
So the Father sees me wandering around on his deck and let's me in.
I am explaining that I thought that the party was today, he is all no, that would be tomorrow, I apologize. He winds up thinking I am some lady named Kate Riley. It was just an all together awkwardly confusing situation.
Anyway, It turns out that they are going to their pool club, and would love to have M for a part of the day and have a mini party with her. 
 M is thrilled, so is her friend. 
All good.
Saturday night we have a goodbye BBQ for my SIL  Aysen and her Husband, Koray.
They have been living and studying here in the States for two years. They have applied for their green card, but their Visa has expired, so they need to return to Turkey until they get their cards. It will be weird not to see them around for a while.
Good bye guys, for now, we will miss you so much!
Eating watermelon won't be the same with out you.
On Sunday, we went to a water park/amusement park for a summer get together for A's work. We had such a great time.
This was the first time the older kids went on big kid fast kind of rides. 
They liked it, Kinda.
K was just hilarious. He pretty much started each ride like this
 halfway through he was pretty much this
Here is M on that swinging pirate ship.
Yeah, woohoo!
Oh, crapppp...
Here are some Funny ones of K.
Having a good time,
Kinda cool
Kind of scary,
 Make it stop!
Wanna go again?
Ev liked the ice cream.
 Get ready,
 He also loved the water park!
Look at this happy tube sliding little face!
Running through the sprinklers
So much fun
"Time to go" was not welcomed.
Some crashed
There were hugs.
Good times
Today, we headed off to our buddies pool for some summer fun!
yard caring
hot tubing
Independence celebrating
you know just hanging out!-K

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