Thursday, June 12, 2008

We have been having some good times

now that the heat has relaxed a bit.
 During the near hundred degree days, we sprinklered and popsicled, and lake'd and watched some T.V in the lower floor level to be comfortable. We had friends over, and went on a picnic, we played mostly. 
 We watched a B ball game and got ice cream.
 Can you guess the flavor?
Mint Choc Chip!
Today, we had some more good times with our buds from Falcon's nest. The kids had a good time playing in the hose water, and creek.
Think they got over zealous with the froglet catching?
 Do ya think?
 We played some baseball with Jack, the all star who nailed me with a whiffle ball. That boy has an arm! Lucky he's so cute..
 Now E, totally want to play ball all the time! We had a nice BBQ, and just hung out and ate two more boxes of popsicles. 
Can you believe we have eaten 70 popsicles since Monday?! 
We have had a lot of kids here, so pick up your jaw.
Apparently, the highlight of the day besides "The stinky underwear game"
was screaming in the van on a slow ride down from the barn.
No joke.
 Sophie, the under two'er, cried when the ride was over.
 We could have played longer and I feel bad that we had to rush out to make swim.
 But all good things must end, and they are loving swimming!
I forgot to take a pic of M. I'll make it up next week!
 thanks for hanging with us guy's, we had a really nice day!-k

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Kim said...

Ahhh, yes, the stinky underpants game...because, really, what's funnier than stinky underpants...ha ha! And poor Sophie was hysterical for much of our trip home..because, apparently to her, screaming in the van is WAY more fun that stinky underpants :) Yeah it was a great day...thanks so much for having us!