Friday, June 6, 2008

Wake and snake

Yesterday morning, A mentioned that there was a little black snake under a piece of plywood in the yard. And that I "might" want to surprise the kids.
So we trekked out there for a morning surprise.
 The snake was a smartie.
He made like a banana..
But we found a big cool mama wolf spider guarding her egg sack.
I told the kids that there WAS a snake.
Well, now I was committed to finding a snake.
So we chatted about habitats.
We searched in areas that a snake might find homey.
 Well, we dumped over a rat trap box in the tall weedy spot and low and behold, a common garter snake appeared.
E said " Crikey!" like 5 times.
I miss Steve Irwin.
So we played with the snake for about 5 minutes and then released it.
 We went on with our day. 
 It included violin, swimming and shopping.
When we came home, we got out of the car and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a hawk perching on a tree close by. So I pointed it out. To our amazement, it flew off and grasped in it's talons, a big dead snake! (That image at the top plus the yellow ringed snake are taken off google, just so you know.)
This led to a discussion of the food cycle.
So we decided to see if the black snake that A spotted had returned. We turned over the wood and there was a snake that I had never seen before.
So the kids wanted to hold it. I know of only two snakes in CT that are Venomous. This clearly was not one of them. But we talked about the need of proper ID'ing a snake before touching. So we went back in and googled.
It was a yellow ringed black snake.
Non venomous.
This is a great CT snake website, by the way!
 I went back out with the camera and kids and we turned over our plywood.
 Another snake who was making like a banana.
 We searched around in various close by snake habitat places.
 No snake.
Oh well! We saw plenty of snakes and learned a lot about snakes yesterday.
 Just cause it happened like that.
 I love opportunity.-K


Stephanie S. said...

so awesome!

I love your retellings, K.

It reminds me that I need to live more in the richness, and stop being so easily distracted by the thousand other things going on around me. Chores if I"m home, conversations if i'm with others.
We have park day planned today, and this is the third thing I've seen and read this morning that tells me to "slow down and experience the richness". To live being fully present.

Thanks so much, Steph.

Stephanie S. said...

plus -
wake and snake.
lol. i just saw that.

Three Mommies said...

You guys have the best adventures! We've never found a big snake in our yard. We did find one snake this year when I was pruning a bush. It was a little brown one. They guys named it viper and then snakey. Ethan wanted to build a habitat for it, but after we talked we decided that it would probably be happier in its natural habitat so we let it go near the bush.

Anonymous said...

great snakey photos!
and way to seize the day/moment.
and i also miss steve irwin.