Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Thimble Islands

Well, we braved a very overcast day to take a ride on a boat. A tour of the semi close by Thimble Islands.
It was interesting for me. It was a boat ride for K, who was busy thinking of which island Capt. Kidd may have buried his loot.
E searched feverishly for fins of the sharks he just knew were under this very boat.
 M enjoyed the birds
She thought these were puffins.
They DO look similar. They are some kind of sand piper.
 Mostly, she wanted me to STOP with the pictures.
Anyway, this was quite the hot spot in the 40's. President Taft had a summer house here.
Then a huge hurricane came and wiped out a few houses. "Everybody headed to Cape Cod where they all still sit in traffic today!"
 The Capt. had quite a sense of humor and loved jabbing at the wealthy who now own these islands. 
 This house was particularly charming
This one is being worked on. You have to boat over construction equipment, which apparently blows one's budget. I am thinking these people don't even know what a budget is!
This lovely gazebo on a very small rock could be yours for 375,000!
These owners made full use of their rock!
Then there was the story of squatters rock. A homeless guy started just living on this rock. He discovered at this point that you did not need a title. Somehow he eventually sold the rock for 2 1/4 million! I guess he got his piece of the rock! Bwaa haaa...Here is the rock today.
This is the garbage ferry. The kids thought that was funny.
Some people actually have palm trees on their island to make it even more islandy. The Capt. especially poked fun at this island. They are dripping money, this is the pool area, see all the palm tree's!
This is the main house.
He especially liked their exotic pedal boats, there was a sea monster, a pelican, and a swan.
Anyway, it was a fun ride. There were many more houses that were just as pretty, I just am tired of posting them. Go take the ride for yourself one nice sunny day!
After our boat tour, it started raining. So we picnicked under a pavilion after a small walk to beach. The kids played in the rain.
Since they were wet anyway, why not just play in the water a little?
Since your already that wet, why not just say, To hell with it!, and go for a real swim!
This is precisely why I drive around with so many extra clothes! Because you just never know...
After we changed and dried off, we headed an hour and ten min's south. A gaggle of our dear friends were gathering, and we weren't going to miss it! There was creek playing, of course!
I love when little boys hold hands. It is really sweet.
Their common bond was loving to catch crayfish!
 There was destruction
and hammocks!
We spied deer.
E explains that some deer have antlers!
Here they all are!
Anyway, it turned out to be a long day.
But, I don't know if we could have had a better day!-K
p.s.-I got my James fix!