Friday, June 20, 2008

South African vibes

Japanese drumming, dump trucks, picnics on the beach, BBQ with friends. That's what we have been up to.
We happen to live in a great county. Yale is here, lot's of museums, great dining, productions on the green. We try to take advantage when it suits us.
This week we hooked up with the homeschool group
and some close family friends and headed over to the Arts and Ideas venue to catch two shows.
The first was a band of african origin. They were great. The kids ran and played,
and had some great tunes in the back ground.
Next we headed to see some traditional Japanese drumming. 
It was very cool. 
The kids dug the puppet lady. 
On our way back to the parking garage we got front row view of a dumpster being hauled up. It was way more interesting that it sounds. There really were a lot of steps involved.
 And we saw them all.
We had a BBQ and the kids played for hours, such a great day.
Yesterday, we headed over to the Milford Audubon. They have the usual collection of live creatures, but they also have nesting osprey. 
 They even have a webcam to view them up close. They have a tower you can climb for a view like this.
Best of all, they have a terrific beach.
You are technically not allowed to swim, sunbath, or the like. But if you take a walk to the far right, past the wooden fence, in front of the houses there. It can be done. It was chilly so no one really swam. But there was wading,
rock collecting, crab shell keeping, and picnicking,
Just general revelry. 
 Another good day!
Today, we are heading out to pick up some baby turkeys.
Gobble gobble...
Then maybe the local museum?
I don't really know what will happen today.-K
P.S. Here is a M swimming pic. I promised one( she has reminded me everyday). My camera hates the lighting at the pool. No matter what I do, it comes out like this

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