Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Playing catch up again

The days are just whizzing by and we are having some fun.  A lot of the classes we have been participating in have ended. This is good. I love the unstructured nature of our days. That said, we are looking at some new offerings like swim, tennis, horse riding, art, and a ton of day trips that I have been wanting to do. ( not sure why this is doing this, but I'm not going to attempt to fix it. right now. :>)
 Anyway, we checked out the local horse show! That was fun. I especially liked the mini horses.
So cute.
Look at this one! Hung like a mini horse, eh? Man that thing moved around like a snake, It was quite mesmerizing.
M liked this one.
 A liked this one.
K wanted this one!
The local fair is in town and we have been watching them set up. I suppose we should go of course, and the watch the breakdown. You know closure and all.
 Look at this cutie baby toad we played with today!
We started visiting the local swimming hole.

The kids and I had the place to ourselves for two-ish hours and then we hooked up with two new families and played and chatted.
 The Chicks are doing well. 
We lost one that had been having issues since day one. It had some obvious deformities and we were going to euthanize it, but it died while we were out today.  
We have 6 new adult hens in the barn, plus our two Nankins. Some one gave us two, one month old fancy footed chicks.
They were in some rough shape when we got them. I'm glad they are here. I am expecting more meat birds, and some turkeys in July.
Be careful what you wish for!-K


Three Mommies said...

We love fairs! Where/when is the one near you? And I have to ask about the swimming hole. Details! We want details! Oh and swimming, and jumping, and coloring, and chocolate ;)

MamaK said...

Ha! I will email you as to not reveal my super secret home town! wink wink...-K