Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last night

waldorf Julie and her lovely family joined us for a BBQ last night. It was a fun time. There was a storm and a threat of lost power, but whatever, we were just hanging out. We screwed up some perfectly fine short ribs. Tougher than leather, but the sauce was good eh?
  E was a wild man, but he loves this particular family and can hardly contain his extreme jubilation.
He really seems to like Tony! They have a hard fast friendship going on. Tony, you have a pal for life. He thinks you are such a star!
 Anyway, we ate some yummy home concocted goat's milk ice cream. I got some wicked accolades from Ryan.
 It was pouring, so we made s'mores by the broiler. It worked out pretty well. In fact now that I mention it, not one complaint.
We closed out the night by playing a few board games.
 Thin ice is always a hit.
Mine, and possibly Sage's new fave is Blockus.
It was a pretty happen night of tolerable fare and fun.-K


Anthony said...

So I'll be invited back soon? Awesome! I guess I didn't wind them up too much with crazy bus rides. We were still raving today about that ice cream and Ryan and I lamented forgetting to get us a bowl to go! Thanks for the great night. Let's do it again before the gang heads down to Florida.

julie said...

Thanks kim for having us over - we had a great time! And thanks for being understanding of a 5 year olds curiosity !

MamaK said...

We had the best time with you guy's.
Yes, crazy bus driver, you are welcomed back.
And J, you will look back on these moments and laugh one day. Maybe? No worries dude, he is 5! What would parenting with out these little bumps be, ummm boring, mundane...:>)-K