Sunday, June 22, 2008

I sit here

My house is actually silent. 
But good!
 A took the kids down to our old town to visit their Aunt, well, Teyze (Tey-zey). My wonderful husband is Turkish and that is how you say Aunt in Turkish.
 See, learning things again!
Anyway, we have been having a relaxing weekend finally. 
M and I hit a tag sale yesterday and scored pretty well. We got a complete croquet set for 2.00. We don't know what to do with it, but it was 2.00! M bought some new gems for her rock collection for 1.50. I bought a very good book about space for 2.00. So that was fun.
We went food shopping at Trader Joe's. 
 Kind of made me wish you could food shop tag sale style.
Will you take 2.00?
Food shopping, like gas, is just ugly.
A hooked up the Hammock!
It's crazy fun, not very relaxing yet...
Took the kids to the library. They hooked up with a summer reading program.
If you read 8 books you can spin the wheel for prizes.
Another deal from Applebee's is that if you read 10 books, score a free kids meal.
Barnes and Noble has a gig that if you read 10 books, you get to pick a free book.
Pizza hut's is kinda lame. It just gives you a chance to win in a big drawing. No immediate satisfaction, and no guarantees. So it rates poorly here.
 The kids are in it to win it.
Gotta love prizes!
On the way home from getting in literary frenzy, we saw a lot of horses at the public riding ring.
So of course, we checked it out.
 Oh snap!
 No way!
 Barrel racing!
We watched a few and then went home to get A and E and some food to dine ring side.
The kids instantly made friends. I really don't understand why people worry about homeschooling and socialization. I can honestly say my kids will walk up and ask any kid if they want to play, in front of their parents and all. 
Hi, I'm M would you like to play?"
 Most ( not all, but many) of these kids will cling to their parents. Oh my god! a friendly stranger KID! HELP! but then they usually come around. 
 I am astounded about how easily my kids will just talk to people. Not bragging here, but something I notice. Probably because folks always want to talk about proper socialization and all.
Like school is the place for that! I am so tempted to say, Yeah, let's talk about socialization!
 I bet you they would never ask that stinky old question again!
Anyhow, the boy's had dirt
and then friends
M made a instant bond with a horsey type named Jenna.
She was a barrell racing star, my friend.
 She gave us a tour of her trailer.
 And let each kid RIDE
 You know, a lot of our days just happen.
Well probably because I never try to fill them or schedule things.
 Because the best things just happen.
Well, I am not sure what to do with my alone self except kind of enjoy being alone. I suppose I should clean up and take lots of breaks and that sort of thing.
Off I go. 



Anthony said...

too cool - do they have things going on often there? Next Weekend maybe Ryan and I will stop by and see if anything is going on. It is as close to a rodeo as I think we will get.


MamaK said...

Things just seem to happen. Usually with no advertisment. Weird but true. Apparently they had a calf roping event on the other side of town (where?) that we missed. I will call if this happens again. It was so fun!-K

whimsigal said...

What a freaking awesome day!

Oh, and I'm just too jealous that you have a Trader Joes, okay???