Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Help a homeschooler out

This came across my message board today. Of course I feel the overwhelming need to help this kid out. She did a great job with the video and changed zoning laws. That's pretty darn impressive! Help her out, it only takes a second. Follow the link in the message! Go, Olivia!

Anyone care to help out a fellow homeschooler?  She’s trying to win a contest + books for her library (and herself).  See the video and vote for Olivia!
Smiles, Kate in Columbia, CT
Hi everyone!  My daughter, Olivia, who successfully campaigned our city (South  Portland) last summer to change the zoning law so that she could  raise her own chickens, has a new project. She's made a great  CHICKEN VIDEO. She entered a national book review contest. The finalists were  chosen by the sponsoring library, but the actual winner is chosen by  PUBLIC VOTE. If she wins, she gets $1000 in books for her library  and $500 in books for herself. Since her library just lost a massive  amount of funding, she would really like to help them out. Olivia's video is "YOUR CHICKENS, A KIDS GUIDE" and you can watch it  and vote for it on the link below. Please vote EVERY DAY until  midnight Eastern time Wednesday. She's neck-and-neck with another  kid whose sister already won a previous category: they have their  entire school disctict voting, which Olivia does not have, so she  really needs the support of like-minded folks like you! See the video and VOTE here (YOUR CHICKENS By Gail Damerow)  http://www.storytub final_videos. php (Personally, I think the videos should be judged on their merit  rather than on how organized the kids' parents are, but apparently  this is the way its done, so I am trying to help her out!!) If you would like to pass the link on to any other friends, forums,  or anywhere else you think folks might like to vote, please do so.  It's going to be a very tight race and every vote helps! Thank you  so much!! :) Stacey and Olivia

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