Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day 08

So we "surprised" A with our annual breakfast in bed. Eggs, olives, sausage, toast, cinnamon bun, and coffee. His gift this year was a hammock, because we have the two most perfect trees for it. We hung out here and did stuff in the barn and in the yard. My parents joined us for a BBQ dinner and we watched Indiana Jones. Played some Candy Land and so went Father's day.
The only other thing that was blog worthy to note was that our Ootheca hatched.
 What the hell is an Ootheca, you say?
That would be a praying Mantis egg mass/case.
A guy we got some of our chickens from is an organic farmer and he raises Mantids for natural pest control. He kindly passed on an Ootheca to A. So there it sat in a tupperware for nearly 3 weeks. I had gotten out of the habit of checking everyday. Not a great idea because being voraciously hungry newborns they will eat each other if not released in a timely manner. But I checked it out yesterday, and there were more than 100 perfectly formed mini mantids!
They are so cute.
This is our second successful hatching.
 I searched for about two years every fall and spring in a golden rod field for the first one. One day when I least expected it, I found it.
You can buy them online from insect lore
 But there is nothing better than getting out there with the kids, learning a little about a bug and it's habitat, and going on a hunt.
 nothing better.
 Anyway, we released our little captives into our garden and look forward to spotting them throughout the summer.
 Can you spot it?

And if we are super lucky,
we'll be hatching out more next spring.-K

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