Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chicks on the move

Well, the chickens are out of here!
Of the house I mean. They were getting too cramped for the biggest box I could find. Besides, they were getting to be skillful flyers who were able to get out of the box and poop all over the furnace room.
Buh bye.
 They rode in style though.
 K drove, he is actually a pretty good driver for a beginner and all.
 They are residing peacefully and happily up in the barn. They have a whole pen to themselves. I will introduce them to the big chickens in about 2-3 more weeks.
I am pretty confident they will be ok. I can plug in the heat lamp if they indicate coldness by huddling together. They are all spread out right now, so far so good. 
Buh bye, chickies.-K

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