Friday, May 9, 2008

You know

We have just been doing our thing, and I have not been inspired to write about it for whatever reason. Plus, I keep forgetting my camera. 
Yesterday, we had a blow off day. I had some loose ends that have been needing tying regarding house stuff. ( you know how I am with the house) K wanted a break from class, and M wanted to blow off violin. So since we all had issues, we bailed and stayed home. That was good, we needed it. 
We headed over to our friend's Willow and Aiden's house in the afternoon. It was Willow's 4th Birthday party, tie dying extravaganza.
I did all the tying, and dyeing. The kids chose the colors. 
We had a great time, met some new unschoolers, learned of new groups and activities, met a lady with chickens, and the all important chicken connections!
 We have some chicks coming at the end of the month, so part of my chicken dilemma is clearing.
 SO, our tie dying was fun. The best of the fun, is seeing the end results.
 We had this bag of stainy treasures.
We rinsed out A TON of dye, and had really red purply water.
 Then we snipped off the elastics, and opened, and oohed and aahhed at out new hippy wear. 
 I think this may just be a welcoming summer tradition.
 Because it's fun!
 and groovy.
 Today, we hung out with our friends that we had lost touch with. They are moving to Cali soon, and we will miss them.
The kids had fun.  We enjoyed a nice lunch, baked some sugar cookies.
 The girls manicured themselves, and played with the pigs.
The boy's did whatever they did. E and Willy are the same difficult ages of three, so there were issues. But mostly things went well. 
and then didn't.
and then did.
 So, we headed up to the barn to see the goats. 
The boys did farm things.
 Hard to believe the little goats head off to their new home next weekend. I will miss the feisty buggers.
Anyway, there is an Indiana Jone's marathon this Saurday. K the dreamy, archeologist wanna be is beyond excited.
Is it saturday?
Is today Saturday?
Oh, it's Saturday right?.
Is it Saturday tomorrow?...-K

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julie said...

I love to tie-dye. It is fun to turn a dingy old shirt into something new.

Sage Loves Indiana Jones, he is excited to see the new one.