Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend recap

Ok, we had another busy weekend. One of these days, I swear I will have a lazy one.
The Goat kids went off to their new home on Saturday. M gave the goats new owners some vital info.
We loaded them up for a quick ride to their new digs.
 We sent them on their way with a few smooches and a wave.
 M invited herself over for a visit in a few months. She is adamant about checking up on them at least once. Good for her. Surprisingly, Leyla has been amazing about the separation. She seems over it. She called for them a few times, but has since quit. 
 Now that the babies are gone, we are swimming in milk.
Got milk?
 At least we will have milk for when the goats are dry. We need to get a separate deep freezer, because we will have lots of it! For now we are making ice cream and yogurt on a regular basis.
 A worked on the garden area for the rest of the day, it's really starting to look great. Once the bees and trees arrive, it will look like the real deal.
On Sunday, The kids and A headed off to common ground for a spring seedling sale, and fair. They got their faces painted, spotted Ryan and Julie and had a really good time. I stayed home and cleaned carpets with a rented cleaner. It was smelling pretty doggy around here. Thanks to this particular pee pee head.
Next we headed over to our friend Patrick's to celebrate his 5th.
 It was an awesome low key family birthday party.
A few friends
Tug of war
Sack races
Puddle stomping
and they sent us home with bubbles!
Bubbles are one of those simple pleasures. Don't you think?
Somehow magical.

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