Monday, May 5, 2008

So what do you DO all day?

You know that question. This is sort of a day in pictures. We had a stellar day today, Julie had us over for a May pole celebration, the day progressed.
 And I had my camera.
Que suerte! ( in honor of Cinco de Mayo)
A little May poling.
 Get ready!
Children played as Mama's worked on a project and connected.
Kids hashed out plans
Mama's work was felted May bags. Before:

Lunch in the sun 
The kids worked
on art,
spring birds:
 E jammed for us.
M honed circus skills.
K connected with
 the dandiest of lions.
It was a great welcoming spring celebration Julie. We are ever grateful for spending the day with you all!
We headed off to pottery class
Spent time with E, passing the, "this is how you ride the bike" torch
Helped the goats enjoy the day. 

Discovered a rainbow!

Made a leave and creek water thing

Found crystals

Crashed on the couch. 
That was our day in a nutshell. 
Our version of No Child Left Behind.-K

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Anthony said...

We are glad you guys could come over - we had such a nice day! I love the pic at the end! so sweet.