Thursday, May 22, 2008

Salamander update (Finally)

Well, the salamanders and frogs are slow growing creatures.
The salamander fry ( right term?)  are hard to spot in the tank. You have to bang on the side to see them wiggle.
I think we have at least 20. I researched what to feed them, so it looks like I need to find black worms or the like. I guess Petco is on the to do list for today. I have been putting flake food in there, but have never witnessed them eat.
 Somehow, despite my ignorance, they thrive.
 The frog tadpoles, have not changed at all. They look the same as the day we captured them
They eat well, and are active, but show no signs of sprouting limbs. Not sure what the delay is? I guess we will just keep on keeping on.
I think we have lost all the toads. I have not seen any of the three surviving tadpoles. I am so bummed. I love toads, and it crushes me to know that I killed at least 100 that had the possibility of surviving.
Maybe next year, we will try to just concentrate on raising some toad eggs. And instead of taking a whole strand of eggs, we will just take 25 eggs or so.
 This way if we screw up, I know that some were left in a natural setting and lived.
Live and learn. 
That's what it's all about, right?-K


Three Mommies said...

I thought the Hokey-Pokey was what is was all about. *grin*

MamaK said...

It is, I think!