Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So we finally made it to see Nim's Island the other day. It was an ok movie. 
We went on Sunday, late afternoon. We had the whole place to ourselves. See!    
That was cool because the kids could talk and move around and sit in different places and stand up to see the dust in the projector light.
 Anyway, in the intro to the movie, Nim says she is homeschooled. 
M says, "Wow, Bindi Irwin homeschools, and now Nim!" 
K pipes in and says, "Mom, I wonder what show we'll be on?"
Mmm..., that would probably be the gong show...-K

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Kim said...

Okay we SO have the same taste in music! I love the music player...I may be visiting your blog more often than usual just to listen :)