Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meet Mini

Well, we took a four hour round trip to pick up this sweet girl. And I mean sweet. She is a cuddle bug and she IS mini. She weighs in at almost 42 lbs. 
teeny weeny.
 Leyla is being a jerk. She is trying to establish dominance and is just head butting her like mad. 
Poor sweet thing.
 It's hard to watch, but it's how they jockey position. Looks like Ley will be the boss, as she weighs double and all. And the fact that Mini is just submitting. Even the bucklings were butting her.
 Anyway, I hope they work out whatever they have to.
I want peace and harmony back in the barn.
 I am looking for goat love and all.
Anyway, I forgot to mention that we are housing two sheep for meat. They will come next week, after the pen is set up and they will hang out till the end of November. They are not young, young lambs. They are about 70 lbs right now.
Then well, they will kind of go somewhere else.
To lusher pastures, let's say... 
To that happy space where apples fall out of the sky, and sheep rule the world.
Their earthly remains will be in my freezer.
I told M not to name them. 
She has come to terms with it, better than expected. 
 However, I will not be surprised if she has an all out PETA rally on doom's day.
 She claims that our goal is to feed them well, treat them respect and kindness, provide comfortable clean shelter and cull them gently with out fear.
 Then she will be mighty alrighty with it.
 So, it is our priority to do just that.-K

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