Friday, May 16, 2008

I hate rain

April showers bring may flowers! :>) 
SHUT up.
Sucky weather. Let's move on to sun and an actual spring now, eh?
Other than that today was swell. We spent the day in our P.J's. E preferred nudey booty, because he was a baby kitten.
"Kittens don't have no clothes."
True that.
We played Blokus most of the day. That's a great game. We played magnetic sudoku. K is surprisingly good. He just caught on and played game after game. We watched episode after episode of Little house, we made peach ice cream. It finally dawned on me to make a vanilla custard first and then make that into ice cream.
 Before it was like ice milk.  Now it is like the good stuff that you pay for and call outstanding.
So, kid update. First the goat kind. I don't think I ever told you their names, Scooby and Freddie. Anyway, they go to their new home tomorrow. Happy, because they are big pains. Sad, because they will be confused, and Leyla is going to be frantically calling for them.
 Bye, wee boys.
I know where they live, so we will drive by now and then and bring them an apple.
 Now for the human kids. 
M is reading like crazy. She was stuck on the my first reader level, but now she is on level one which is a big jump. She is tackling bigger words, and loves to read for her Brothers, and to me. It's great. I love to read, so it makes me happy to see her enjoying the process. She has been doing a lot of computer based games and lessons.  She also digs watching History Channel and Science channel. Totally engrossed in the spiritual /super natural sciences.  It's great to see her so passionate about something.
K is loving logic games, he likes books as well, and has been learning letter sounds. He loves Math. Enjoys history stuff as well. He could listen to all SOTW cd's over and over. He likes to watch or read anything about archeology. He is the guy who is always in the river chasing down some poor insect or creature. He is extremely hands on.
 E is just.
 I don't know.
Into everything, tries everything, breaks everything, knows how to do everything, can't tell him anything, finds out on his own type of guy.
Smart as a whip.
Fire cracker.
All in all, I am glad each is on their own path. I am learning everyday to back off, and assist only when asked. 
I am learning more and more that mistakes are vital and NEED to be made by the learner. 
That helping is not helpful at all.
They are three bright, creative, inquisitive children.
 Most importantly, they are happy and free.-K

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julie said...

Your doing a great job - they are wonderful kids!!