Thursday, May 1, 2008

good grief

Well, Hi. 
Weird times happening. Not all bad necessarily, there is some good too. 
 Let's start with the less than positive, shall we?
Ok, I have a cold. It's nearly May people, and the headache is just gravy.
Ordering chickens is a bitch.
The McMurray ordering page sucks. They tell you available, then it's not. They give you substitutions with available dates, and you modify your order, and then they are not available. Can I tell you how many hours I spent redoing that and reading chicken descriptions? 
Upside: I am now vaguely familiar with almost every dual purpose chicken in their stock.
 We found a new hatchery and placed a big order. We never received a confirmation. A called them and the phone number is bogus. Our credit card was never processed either. 
I hope it was not a phishy website. 
 How hard is it to get a bunch of damn chickens?
Can't find my cell phone.
A fed the dog left over Mexican, after I said that probably wasn't a good move.
I just walked into a diarrhea splattered mud room with a distinct whaft of refried beans.
 A is at "work".
I left him a juicy piece though.
 I think the goats blasted horns are still growing.
What the hell?
We banded them last sunday, and their wee balls look fine.
What the hell?
I got a new book that I am dying to read, but I can't find the time and it's making me angry.
M's newest class that is great might get cancelled because they are short a few kids.
 I killed 90% of the toad tadpoles.
I think I killed the venus fly traps because it frosted last night, and I forgot that I had put them out for sun.
I am having an OCD episode and can't rest easy because I am spring cleaning.
Gas is 4.00 a gallon.
 It has been cold.
E took off on me the other day. Walked right out of the building we were in to go and swing on the swings. 
 I had a mini search party.
Mom of the year, right here...
 All's well that ends well, is my old mantra with him.
But, all in all, It's not that bad of a week. I got to do some pretty cool things with the kids, and it turned out to be a great day today. My headache is gone. Cleaning is drawing to a close. The kids are doing great. I left a piece of smelly poo for A. 
We pick up the new goat this weekend. The fence is going up around the orchard and garden area this weekend. The barn should be complete next week (not holding my breath). A found a local source to buy the chickens we need. The toads that are left look good. I learned a lesson about lack of oxygen...And next week has to be better, right? And I have the cutest punk on the planet.-K


julie said...

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!

Three Mommies said...

Take a deep breathe. The way I look at it, any day can start a new week, so welcome to the new week. It's got to get better :)