Sunday, May 11, 2008

The day I get breakfast in bed

You know, Mother's day. I agree with Whimsi, and how commercial holidays have become. Mother's and Father's day, Valentine's day, just a hyped up reason to buy some product or Hallmark themed card.
We don't exchange gifts for these Holiday's, but the kids dig on giving me breakfast in bed, picking me flowers of the yard variety, and serving me in my bed. I have no clue what these beauties are, but they grew on the creek bank. Stunning, eh?
Usually, I lay in bed until I am surprised by strange combinations of food.
 This year, I had to tend to milking and feeding goats, so I had to get back into bed and pretend like I never left.
We bought a box of a variety of cards for different occasions at Costco a few years ago. The kids just choose a card on how pretty the front cover is.
This year, I got a sympathy card.
Very amusing.
For breakfast, I was treated to red mango tea, a cinnabon, and an egg sandwich. 
I was sang at. "Happy Mother's Day to you", sounded eerily similar to that birthday song...
That's all. Mother's day celebrations are now officially over.
But you know what?
It's Mother's day every day here. I get cards, and kisses, kids cook up things for me to eat as well. They help me, they thank me, tell me how lucky they are to have me.
I don't need a special day.
 I already know, you guy's.-K


Three Mommies said...

I love the sympathy card!

whimsigal said...

oh how i laughed and laughed at the sympathy card! That is priceless!!