Saturday, May 31, 2008

hey there!

Whew! I am tired. Well, actually maybe even exhausted. But its the good kind of doing cool stuff tired. E, up in that picture at the top, is just cranky meltdown kind of tired!
Our friend's from Germany left on Wednesday morning and made their way to beautiful Vermont. We had a nice time having them here. It was an active time for the kids. Although they had fun playing all the time, they said they were happy to be us again.
 On Wednesday, we headed down to  play with some more itchy pox kids. M and K hopefully caught them while having a blast on the trampoline!
Then we drove further south to sleep at my parent's house. We had K's "graduation" songfest for his class at Earthplace. I had to be there in the early morning and wouldn't have made it on time if I had to deal with rush hour traffic from this neck.
 It was a cute show of songs. We then played with friends.
 Can you believe that this was a cake for the teachers?
Yep, it was all edible!
We then headed over with Grandpa to the local aquarium to see the frog exhibit K had been asking for.
We love these
Look at this guy!
 These just made me smile.
We also checked out the white gator.
Spied some seal poop!
 Hung out and patted the rays.
We brought M to her violin lesson, and then headed home to pack our bag for our swim lessons for all three. I forgot my camera though. They all did great. Even E, who had his first lesson ever. As always, he just got in and did his thing.
 The next morning we headed north an hour and went to a field day homeschool style set up by the FVHS group. It was just awesome!
They had an obstacle course,
egg and spoon thing
 marble run
 sponge toss
parachute games
play ground
lots of FOOD
water balloons
 tons of really nice kids
A river with minnows
It was an awesome time to connect with like minded people.
We left there to go get these fluffy peepers of love.
They are incredibly sweet and peepy!
Finally. Chicks.-K

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One down

two to go. 
Ev broke out with a mild pox rash on day 13 of exposure. The picture didn't really show the lighter spots well.
 He only had about 30ish on his body, but had a few bumps in his hair as well.
I said,
The family that we had first exposure at had a sibling child that was freshly sick with chicken pox, so M, K and I went over for some new contamination. There is also yet another family relatively close with 3 sick itchy boys that we will play with tomorrow.

C'mon itchy life long immunity rash!-K
P.S Because of the holiday and a houseful of guests who believe me freakishly weird that I purposely infected my child, I could not entertain an exposure party of sorts. However, when and if my other two are ripe for inflicting itchiness, I will spread the word. :>)

Monday, May 26, 2008


Well, we have been some kind of busy! We are fortunate to have guests staying with us from Germany. It's been great fun and we are enjoying our time. So what do you do with six kids six and under?
Well,  You go for Tractor rides

You catch toads

baby turtles,
play by lakes,
pick flowers,

Move rocks around
make s'mores by yard fires,
Have some fireworks
Go to a parade
Go back in time at OSV
Go for a ride
and most importantly, just hang out.-K

Friday, May 23, 2008

"Water balloons are awesome!"

K exclaimed and then the "fight" commenced!

"Pods of happy wetness" squealed M.

"How it just pop water, Mom?" said E, a little beside himself.

Because there is always the possibility of changing something that exists into something better.

Something  MUCH more better!-K