Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wow and woe(s)

So since I was so posty as of late, I took a breather and did other stuff on line. 
Like order stuff.
 Woo Hoo! I got a bread machine! and I have a loaf rising in it as we speak. I am on some kind of wacky mission to make as many things at home as I can.
For a few sane reasons.
Numero uno is that you pay out the ying for a second rate product. Number two is because I can. Number three is because it's fun and time passing for the babes and I. Number 4 is I hate excessive packaging, and preservatives. 
I suppose I could go on, but there really are a lot of reasons. Bread is expensive and even more so if you buy good quality organic bread.
 I am taking matters in my own hands. I know what ingredients I want to put in our bodies, and I want it fresh. So I am doing it myself.
 damn it.
 In case you are interested, I got myself a zojirushi home bakery. This sweet little puppy can even make cake, jam, and meatloaf. 
We'll see how bread comes out. I mixed a few types of flour. Wheat, spelt, oat, and almond flour. I have no clue what I was doing. I tried to adapt a wheat recipe, I'll see I suppose.
 So now for my big woe.
 I have included a picture of E playing a violin to go along with my whine.
 My goat has frigging Mastitis.
 It sucks for her mostly.
And for me, I had to buy goat milk.
And for her kids.
I hope they are getting enough.
 I have been really careful about cleaning her, and dipping her before and after milking.
Damn it.
Also, we had to fry the baby goats heads again last night with the electric dehorner. We obviously went too wimpy on them last time. The horns were growing.
 I think we did a good job this time.
See, they are such noble ambassadors for future goat babies born on the creek. Due to their hardships, we will learn to get it right.
The first time.
Thank you, twice burned, mastitis sucking, wee bucklings.
I will bring you warm crusty bread for your troubles.-K


Three Mommies said...

Mmmmmm...homemade bread. That's on my list of things I want to do. Goat mastitis oddly, not really on my list. *grin* In typing the word mastitis, I noticed the word tit firmly inbeded in it, and even though I know it's from the Greek, I had to chuckle. By the way, I have cash and you have Girl Scout cookies we can switch roles tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

wow! i've been thinking about getting that same bread machine over here. i think it's made in china though and i have issues with that. also i'd really like to buy used so i'm searching the fleamarkets. but then i ask myself, "is a bread machine really something you want to get that's been pre-loved?"