Monday, April 14, 2008


M made a really pretty star.
 She sewed it herself.
With out any help. 
I did not even know that she was sewing away. The needle was already threaded and the first stitch put in, but she handled the rest on her own. She came for assistance because she did not know how to tie it off . She beaded both ends and it looks great. Because more beads is more better!
 It was a project from our good buddy Ryan's Birthday party that we never got to finish.
I was pretty blown away that she just sat down and sewed it. We never sew much, she knows the gist, but never has had much exposure. 
Never put anything above a child. If they have an interest or the desire. They will just sit down and try and just do it. 
just. like. that.
 She did a really nice job, crafty devil.
I think she may need an etsy site.
 Look out Ladies, you are up for some stiff competition!
In other news, I ordered a soap making kit. This one. That's all good but it's because I am going to have a lot of goat milk in the freezer. I just read the milk withholding time for the use of penicillin in Lei's mastitis is about a week after her last shot.
So my undrinkable milk in the freezer will eventually be turned into a lovely lathery concoction.
Mmmm, goat's milk soap.
I am intimidated by the lye though.
No blindness on the creek, please.
We'll see....K

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Stephanie S. said...

the lye isn't That big of a deal.
I mean, it is, and I kicked the babes out of the kitchen during lye time, but I know you can do it!
It will be sooo worth it!