Thursday, April 3, 2008


Gosh, I am in a weirdish mood today. 
Even for me. 
I am pensive about nothing. I'm not sad or anything. Just anticipatory. For spring really. I crave 68ish degree weather. I feel on the ready, but time is moving slowly. I see the buds developing on the twigs. I hear more and more birds chattering each morning. I look up in the night sky and see that the stars have already begun taking their new spots. I want my new spot, my outside soaking in sun producing vitamin D spot.
 We had a swell day today. K went to class and had a great day because they hunted for peepers in the woods. They did not find any because it was chilly, but he likes the hunt. I can just picture how big his eyes were, his ears pricked, small body slumped in a stealthy hunting creep, feet rising and stepping careful with no sound. 
 He is becoming such an adept frog catcher.
I could not be prouder of his skill. He is normally a twitchy, quirky, spontaneous kid. But when he is in his element he is intense, cunning, careful, coordinated and spot on.
 That's my boy.
M, E and I went to the beach. We fed the birds, stalked some geese, found a quaker nest, a crab claw. Picked up some garbage,l and played on the playground. 
 It was chilly, and windy, but it was sunny. and it smelled salty.
It was invigorating. 
 M had her violin lesson. She is doing well, playing songs like twinkle twinkle, but really slow because she makes sure her finger placement is just so. imagine like this,
T  W  I  N  K  L  E   T    W     I    N    K   L   E  Liiiiiitttttttllllllleeeee ssssstttttttaarrrrrrrrrrrr.
perfectly just so.
We came home and K smashed egg shells for the chickens, and then vacuumed up after himself.
 Well, I'm gonna wrap it up because there is this cool show on right now about sperm whales and all kinds of perilous adventures they have down there in the depths. 
Giant squids and such.
It's firing up my kids to the point where I need to join them, because they are not letting me finish this post.  Soooooo,
I will tell you about this cool science project vitual blog sharing unschooling whimsi blog idea we are doing/ participating in tomorrow. 
Good stuff!-K

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