Friday, April 4, 2008

science project part one

OK, so here is where it all starts. We had to boil 3/4 of a cup of water and add sucrose. We needed to stir the solution until dissolved and clear, and a minute after that. However, not to heat too much or the crystals will not grow.
I am pretty certain that we did it absolutely correctly.
However we won't be completely certain until 7 days have passed.
Then we put the solution in our crystal growing vessel. We let it cool for a few minutes and inserted our seeded sticks. This next part is where I relate to Velma.
 I optionally taped the stick in a perfectly linear position for optimal crystal growing and observation.
We stuck our crystals in the warmest closet we have. It apparently has to be kept at a temp of 75-80 degrees. We will not achieve that, but we will see what happens. We also stuck our spiderman and princess trick or treating buckets around them to encourage the growth of our candy.
You know, vibes.
 This is the precipitation method. On day 8 we will switch to the evaporation method by punching or cutting holes in the lid to let the water evaporate for however many days we have left until the 19th. I think it's 8 days once we begin that method. This will allow us to beef up our crystals. 
You know so we can eat them.
We will observe them daily to see how those crystals are doing
And of course, we will fill you in.-K


Stephanie S. said...

We did this.
The first time we tried it, we only got gelatinous water (we waited about five weeks or so).
The second time we got some crystals, but lots of the sugar formed on the bottom of our glass.

I hadn't heard anything about room temp, and we definitely didn't think of trick-or-treat buckets.

Clearly, yours are definitely going to be more successful than ours!

MamaK said...

Oh no! I knew this wasn't going to be so cut and dry. Maybe we'll be eating rock jello or the like. That sounds rather ewww, but maybe just maybe the darn thing will work!-K

Anonymous said...

Hi. :)

We did this as well, and added food coloring to the water. We had lovely green crystals after 5 days. :)

Stephanie S. said...
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