Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Science fair project update

We have Crystals! I checked them two days post and we saw some very tiny crystals. At days three they were definately more noticeable. We are at day 5 and there they are shining in all their insulin raising glory! The kids are excited. 
You can tell that by all the COOL!'s
On 4-12 ish we will switch to the evaporation method and see how big we can grow them. Then on the 19th, we'll EAT them.
So far, so fun!-K


Stephanie S. said...

Wow!! Impressive!
Please post your (superior) directions when you're done.

An' I'm sorry 'bout your goat. But I am glad it's not you!

whimsigal said...

This is SO cool. You all are going to enjoy them when you finally get to eat them. Mine had SUCH a hard time waiting when we did this!