Saturday, April 19, 2008

Science fair 2008

So as you may or may not know, we participated in "The Road Less traveled" vitual science fair. We are anxious to see what the others did! 
We chose to make sucrose crystals, A.K.A. Rock candy. 
We opened the kit and followed the directions to the T. See this post for details and pictures of step one.
Next, we placed our container in our warmest closet and let it set. We observed crystals forming on day 3. This method is called the precipitation method. See this post.
 We let the container stay in the closet for 11 days, and then switched over to evaporation method to see if we could beef up the size of our crystals. We simply removed the top and set in the sun. See this post. 
This process did not enlarge our crystals. It did make the crystals form on the sides and a thick layer on the bottom.
Today, we poured off the remaining sugar water syrup.
And tried to get the crystals out of the glass container. This proved hard as many were adhered to the sides. 
We had to run the container under hot water to melt the crystals a little to help it release.
Finally, the moment we were all waiting for! 
We ate our candy! 
Experiment Successful!
See this video for directions to make your own!

See this link for crystals and candy and the science of cooking!
A huge Thanks, Dude! to Iain and Whimsy for organizing this! 
We had a lot of fun, and can't wait to see what the others were up to!-K and crew!


whimsigal said...

Hey! Edible projects are my favorite!! We tried this once and I ended up having to throw out the two glasses we used because I never could get the sugar out of the bottom. LOL

Y'all's project looks like it turned out great!

Thanks so much for joining the Science Fair!!

KMDuff said...

The science of cooking is such an awesome website! I love rock candy too. We should do this soon! :) (We tried the taffy last month, but I didn't know you needed to pull it as soon as you could touch it, so we ended up with a candy blob.)

Madeline said...

Looks fun! I love your banner. Frogs are my favorite.