Saturday, April 12, 2008


It was supposed to be a washed out rainy day agian today. I woke up around 5 am to the sound of thunder and HEAVY rain. Much to my surprise at 7:oo a.m. when I officially got out of bed, it was looking kind of good.
 We'll take it.
We made good use of today. I helped A clear logs from the area where he was going to build the garden boxes. The kids tried to make a beaver dam to clog the creek.
Thankfully, they are not beavers.
M and I ran errands and stopped at the local garden supply and picked out some flowers to plant. Because it was just that kind of day.
We also came home with a buddha type statue.
Just cause.
Took the kids to a rock and mineral show.
K was INTO it.
 The rock guys kept giving him good deals on rocks, some for free and lots of two for ones.
 They were diggin his rock lovin vibe.
He thinks the Buddha statue is beautiful. He put his gems in it's cup because it made it more beautiful.
A made good progress on his box. He has three more to build after he cements this one in place.
Quite a project.
Everything will go peacefully now that Buddha type statue is here.
I can feel it.-K

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