Friday, April 11, 2008

Past two

We have been actively enjoying spring's arrival for the past two days. Yesterday we hiked in the woods twice. Once just M,E and myself, and then after class with K and some friends.
We caught a snake.
A biting snake.
We also found a dead snake.
Not a biting snake.
It was a great walk, and to my surprise, we came home tickless. E fell in the water.
It was funny, except for the crying bit.
M's croc floated in the river. Another rockin mom waded out into a chilly, slimy bottomed river to help another Mama out.
Well, she was wearing cropped pants, and I was consoling my muddy headed river falling kid.
Moms rock.
M found a cute little pine looking tree. I thought it was a sapling of some fir variety. Pax , our special Earth place friend, told us it was princess pine. A dwarf lichen like variety that beds in moss and spreads out in a carpet like fashion.
We thought that sounded divine, and just what we needed by the creek. 
A carpet. 
So M, made sure it came home safely. She placed it in a shallow bowl of water to keep it moist. Today she found a perfect spot by the river and planted it.
We hope it spreads like crazy.
My goat still has udder issues. I injected her with antibiotics last night. I thought she was going to lick it, but it's not making any progress. So we'll inject her for the next 4 days.
We rolled huge logs in a circle to create a secret meeting spot. We want to A frame the top with found sticks and create a roof for the perfect effect. 
We aim to do it.
next nice day probably...
A is about ready to create raised beds. He has a palate of cinder blocks to be delivered to start the project. I cannot wait to get this garden going.
Today is gray again. We made the best of the morning.
I think we will head to the library this afternoon-K

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