Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The past few days I have really been paying attention to the kids. I mean they usually almost always have my attention, but my noticing things about them has been keener.
Is that clear?
I feel more awakened and in tune with their accomplishments of brain enlargement.
Or something.
Like yesterday, M was painting away, but she was not at ease. 
So, I asked what she working on. She said "you know when you just want to paint but not try hard to make it look like something?" I said yes, and we talked about abstract art and how it's about the shapes and colors that make a person have a feeling or think about something. What it means to be inspired by something, but not paint that thing in a like image.
 She got it. I said that maybe on a pure white canvas there could be three purplish blue balls and that could make one think of blueberries, and she said "Wow, Mom! Coincidently, I was thinking of blueberries this very second".
I have noticed that she has a very good vocabulary, and is quite descriptive in her communication. We never do vocab or the like. I think we speak to her intelligently, and we read books that use rich words and descriptions, and I see that it's totally made a huge impact. I mean I could have made her sit down and write, or say these words and meanings to her, but, it's through engaging conversation and captivating literature that it sticks; and is just so natural. 
Un rote.
K has been an absolute knowledge seeking, exhausting sponge lately. His growth is mostly emotional, but he is pacing forward. He is very interested in various things and just seems to be constantly asking, asking, asking. He is totally engrossed with the frogs at the moment, and is thriving in an outdoor setting.
E has an insane energy about him. It's nice to see him focusing it on his great imagination. He is always just doing something, and learning things as a side effect. He is quite adept physically and thrives on burning energy and trying to do jobs. He has a quick think, and can easily solve many of the problems he encounters on his own. 
 All three are unique in their learning, and passions, but all three are growing in leaps and bounds and are moving forward rapidly. It is sobering to witness organic learning at it's best.-K

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