Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mrs. McPosty

Well, today is a kind of drab, chilly, overcast day. Since I was so efficient yesterday in my chore catch up, I am taking it easy today. 
We did make laundry detergent again. I ran out yesterday.  That lasted a long time considering we do a lot of laundry. I love this stuff. Super easy to make, long lasting, low cost, no recycling huge plastic containers, soapy stuff! And I still have not used the dryer. I am on some kind of roll! Here is the recipe to the detergent in case you missed it last time. Try and make it, it's fun. Recipe in this post.
I also made herbal deworming medicine for the goat. Since I am milking her, I do not want any medicine residue in the dairy we are consuming. There is this great goat website that treats their goats holistically and is such a wealth of knowledge. If you have a goat, this is one site not to be missed, Fias Co farms.  She also has an herbal website where she concocts up herbs for all of your goats needs. Turns out there are few things I needed for our personal medicine cabinet as well. Like garlic mullein oil for ouchy ear aches. There is Molly's marvelous herbal salve that could be used on a plethora of skin conditions, as well as owe-eze salve that sounds like it would be soothing on bug bites or knee scrapes. Her lovely remedies are found here.
So, E helped me prepare the herbal worming recipe into these dosage balls which goats are supposed to just eat.
My goat did not like it.
So I tried shoving it in her mouth.
That was humiliating on both ends.
So next, I added lots of honey and almond butter and flax seed.
 She ate half that and had it.
So today I did it up with apple sauce, oatmeal, seeds, wheat germ, apple bits, granola, and blue corn tortilla crumbs.
 We'll see how this goes.
 Anyway, the menfolk about here are cutting wood, stacking logs, hauling branches, and breaking backs. It looks like another BBQ is in order. Not a bad weekend at all.-K

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