Saturday, April 5, 2008

makes you really think

I posted a while back a few videos I found on Youtube. It was this post. The Video I am referring to is the next to last. Her name is Amanda Bagg and she is Autistic, She makes videos to give the perspectives and insight of an individual who has Autism. 
I am fascinated by her because she appears to be very autistic yet she is an incredibly intelligent human being and she is just trapped by her non verbal condition. 
I shudder to think how many challenged people are assumed to be so retarded that they have no valuable thought, but in reality it's just a communication barrier. 
Or worse, we just won't accept that maybe they can. 
It really hurts to hear her experiences that no one should endure, in fact is is heart wrenching.
Every video I have seen by her has left me with tears and with wonder. If you have a moment, this is worth your time.
I need to thank The Thinking Mother for posting this first. I felt the desire to post it here as well.-K

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