Monday, April 21, 2008

It gets even better

So we took this impromptu trip to a pond that has been on our list to check out, and lo and behold; tadpole city.
Luckily, we have our nets in the car and something to carry tad poles home in.
It's a good idea to keep random crap in your car.
Just so you know.
We walked at least two times around the smallish pond and we got two tadpoles. But K lost his footing and spilled them free.
So we had to catch more. In the meantime, M says she sees egg masses.
Oh great glory of froggy gods, we have American toad eggs!
 I did a happy dance and sang a corny song.
 M said under her breath, I guess you like the eggs, mom....
 One tadpole looks like he has seen his better days, I hope it makes it.
We found two toads doing the deed. That was a lesson in itself. They did learn that in animal mating, the male is on the back(froggy style?). They all quickly noticed that the male was smaller than the female, and that usually males are bigger.
 Good eye!
But Wow, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to watch three different species metamorph in front of our eyes.
 I was thinking that perhaps others live in areas where catching these are out of the question or what not.
 So being the good  person that I try to be, I will update and share our observations and photos.
Right here.
For you.
Because this is Frog Creek y'all!-K
These are the spotted Salamander eggs:


Talisman said...

Randomly stumbled upon your blog but wanted to say that I love when science lands at my fingertips! I'm jealous of your tadpoles, my boys would love them. =-)

Kim said...

Tadpoles and frog eggs are our new mission! But, I'm wondering...what do you feed them to keep them, you know, alive and all? I'm figuring frog eggs in pond water will do their thing, but what do you do when they hatch? Any cool websites you know of to find info about this?? Either way...we can't wait to watch what happens with yours.

MamaK said...

My tadpoles are eating fish food. The flake kind!-K

Kim said...

Thanks for the tip! Is it regular old goldfish food...or are they all pretty much the same?

MamaK said...

Yeah, any kind should do!