Friday, April 18, 2008

I have been MIA

Well this week has been so damn amazing, and gorgeous, and ours!
I mean "ours" because K had no class, M had no violin, we blew off pottery and gym classes and just did what we pleased. 

The weather has been stellar.
 What a week to own!
 It has been lazy days, and friends, and no itineraries.
 We had M's good friend Georgia for two whole days. She is a great kid, who totally fits in with us.
Now those were some jam packed two days.
Let me tell you.
Day one.
 M and Georgia had a hike from 9-2 to Judges cave at common ground. I picked them up and we headed to a local park to see if we could find some toads. It was a hot spot for lusty toads last year. I think we were off a week. The kids had fun romping in the mud.
We headed home and they played in the creek for a long time.  We played with goats. We put out the deer cam and some stinky cat food to see if we could attract this weasel like creature I saw and have been finding tracks of. We got no pictures that night. Forgot to set up the camera on night two and the food was gone. I re-baited and set up the cam, wish me luck.
 I get crazy over this.
Anyway, then we had dinner, and then vegged out to ghost hunters, and Destination truth.
We may or may not have scarred Georgia's psyche.
 I am sorry, Ushi.
 We crashed on the couch.
Day two.
We were up and at 'em at 7 a.m. After breakfast it was creek time. Then they did science experiments on the deck with vinegar and 30% of my spice rack and baking soda.  We ate lunch and then headed out to this localish trout pool where you can feed these monster fish.  We found two making out water snakes, and caught a frog.We left and headed to get some home made ice cream. The line was 20 min, but we stayed strong.We then headed to another park that has farm animals, and a playground, and a big pond. We spent 3 hours at the pond. We caught Eastern newts, tried unsuccessfully to catch a frog, saw caddis fly larvae, saw a baby red ear slider about the size of a silver dollar (cute!), brought home what I thought were newt eggs, but now I think are frog sperm.Or something.
 There are a lot of things in that water and we are going to get it under the scope.
We let the goats out again. They played outside until 7, and then watched a movie, ate dinner and wrapped it up around 9.( The kids, not the goat and her kids...)
 We had Ryan and Sage over today. 
It has been great.
I think we are going to have an amazing summer! -K
Tomorrow is science fair!

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whimsigal said...

I've been MIA too and it's because of the weather as well. It's just too nice to be indoors!

I'm working on the Science Fair post! We have to leave for baseball in a few minutes but it will be up this afternoon!