Friday, April 25, 2008

Fishing and stuff

Took the kids fishing yesterday with Julie and Ryan. Our bobber went down occasionally, but that was the extent of our excitement. The only boy who caught a thing, was K. He is quick with his net. He has mad skills when it comes to hunting things. He caught two minnows, and a hand full of snails. 
One really big one.
You'll have to take my word for it.
 I was sans camera.
I forgot all of the other things we have done.
Oh! My soap making kit has come in. I need to watch the video and get all prepared, then M and I will dive in.
Not literally.
Because of the lye.
Blindness and scarring and all...
Today M, K and I went to the CPTV CT science expo.
They had homeschool afternoon. It was pretty good. The kids did a bunch of hands on stuff, went into an inflatable planetarium, talked to some interesting people.Learned more about composting, and waste treatment facilities. Learned what invasive species were, in this case aquatic plants.
 They really talked for a long time to some blind (Visually impaired to be PC) folk who brought their service dogs. That was great, they got their name written in braille, learned that blind people read with their digits. They really were curious and asked all sorts of innocent questions. Hugged the dog.
We saw a saw an experiment show. Mostly about Newton's laws.
It was interesting for a little while, but it just was too much in depth explanations and not enough action for my kids ages. 
We saw a man have a seizure there. Which led to emergency response, and compassion. That was REAL science right there. They saw the paramedic later, and had me inquire about the man and his wife. They were a bit concerned.
 That was sweet.
Next, we came across an archeology exhibit, and how they uncovered a prison cemetery. K was really into it. So was I,  M had to drag us off. It was fascinating.
 Then we found UCONNS display of carnivorous plants. 
Wicked cool.
 That campus is on our to do list this summer, as well as this nursery that breeds all sorts of Carnivorous plants in MA.
 We need/WANT some of those!
Anyway that was our day.
Oh, We found this huge spider today.
In our laundry. ( Gahh!)
We looked in insect books to no avail.
This is the site you need to be on when you come across an insect which needs immediate identifying. 
It rocked our world.
 The kids identified it as a wolf spider. They are learning to seek out answers pretty well. Knowledge and answers are always there, you just need the skills to find them. 
Resources, it's all about using resources. 
E went to the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa. I think he had fun as well.
 We are thinking of going to see Nimh's Island tonight. Not sure if K will stay awake though. He is wiped out. 
All that learning...
May just be a girls night out.
 M loves that.
Tomorrow is Earth day celebration at Earthplace, should be fun!-K

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