Monday, April 28, 2008

Earth day and OSV, and other stuff.

So we went to the Earth day fair at Earth place on Saturday. The weather was actually pretty good. We saw this guy there who put on a show called, "Trash to Tunes". He basically made instruments from trash. 
And they worked and sounded great!
 We ran into an old friend there that we had lost touch with when they moved to CA.
 That was neat, and the kids picked up their friendship like they had not ever been apart. No big deal, just played like old times.
Kids rock.
 We have yet to see Nihm's Island. (sp?)
 Sunday, I finally bought M her digital voice recorder. You all know  (or now know) that she loves the paranormal sciences. She is and has ben intrigued with EVP's. So she has been doing some hard core asking for a recorder. So we went and got one, visited a few cemeteries and asked dead people questions, to see if we would capture a response.
 Of course we did not.
 But one day we hope too.
 I hope she doesn't get all sixth sensed.
Anyway, back to the more normal outings we partake in. We went to OSV homeschool day again today!
 It was raining all day and it was chilly. At least not February bone chilling cold, but raw.
 It was another good day there. I really dig that place, and the kids enjoy the classes.
 Today, K took a farm class, he built a trellis and came home with a plant.
 M made fancy stationary.
Both M, and K took a printing class, and made newspapers, and marbled paper. 

Lastly, they took a home remedy class and made a cough elixir, potpourri, and something else.
 E spent his time running around like a nut
 doing odd jobs,
 and helping out
and interrupting Tinsmiths,
 and talking to cute girls.
The weird part is at the general store, where they sold penny candy, tin ware, books, and everything else that you would find in a 19th century village, they also sold venus fly traps. 
How bizarre?!
 So of course, we bought two.-K

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