Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yesterday was a fun busy day. So much fun that we had to blow off pottery class to extend the funness.
 We hooked up with friends that we spent every friday for four years playing with.
It was our Mom's group. It started when M was about 4 months old with 8 moms, and 8 kids. 
Now the group has the sameish 8 moms, maybe add 1 or 2 that we picked up along the way,
 about 29 kids!
 Man, we got some uteruses, eh?
 Anyway, we have reunions now and then, and yesterday 3 moms made it. It's hard to get us all there with everybody's schedules being as crazy as they are. Plus, I dunno what kind of mayhem ~ 30 kids could create?!
 We had a great day catching up with each other and seeing the kids. The kids all got along and had fun with no incidents.
 E slapped two kids.
but that's just E, he has moments...
He was sorry. I could tell...
 We hung out for 7 hours!
It was so much fun.
 The kids played inside and out, but they really had the most fun in the closet.
The closet?
They had glowing light sabers, they found Pete's stash of Valentine's Candy. They freaked each other out in the dark.
Today, the boys and I are hanging out because M has a day long class at Common ground today, I believe it's on gardening, compost and worms.
 Tomorrow, one of her bestest girl buddies is going with her to another class, and then sleeping over and playing here all day Thursday.
So far, we are having a really fun catching up kind of a week!-K