Thursday, March 6, 2008


K's toenail. 
It has fallen off. 
 As you can see, I am struggling with a topic today. As if I often have a single topic.
As if...
It was flapping open like a door. 
I won't sing the song again. Maybe just a little bit,
open shut them,open shut them, hear a little...
Oh, ok.
So he was getting more brazen in his toe nail manipulations. Then one day he and the nail just snapped.
You would have thought the boy had lost a tooth!
He just thought it was greatest most neatest thing. He was seeing his whole toe with out it's cap. 
Neato mosquito.
 I should have told him that there was a toe nail fairy. His head might have popped.
Mama had a baby and his head popped off!
Remember that one?
Anyway, he just loves that toe of his.
Thought I'd share since you heard the first part of the journey of the toe right here:
Didn't want to keep you hangin'
Ha ha ho hee ha ha...K


Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

Eeeewwwwww! What a disgusting thing for me to have to look at! One day he will complain about your posting stuff like kids already do.

Pax said...

Post has been rated "G" for gross. Trying to have breakfast and view the first photo is not recommended.