Monday, March 17, 2008


that are going on, that we did, that transpired today.  Well, it started off chilly but morphed into another great day. You can tell by the pics. Don't they just look pleasant enough?
 The barn guys came here today after a 2 weeks off to gather supplies and finish other open ended projects. I can't wait to have a real barn soon. 
I will feel so farmly.
Goat. The goat. She has been giving me real goo lately. I will refrain from goat ass pictures until she is ultra gooey. Then you are all in for it. Be forewarned.
 Yesterday and today, goo. I'll just say any day now. This way I don't get myself in a tizzy. I'm excited as it "appears" to be getting close now. Plus, she is so weird today. She is not usually weird. She is just a sensible predictable goat.
Today she is a loon.
I hope that means something. She normally just follows us around when we take her for a walk. Today she was heading in opposite directions, not a care in the world, la ti da, just chewin my cud, and what?
Then she made a break for it. Her big barrel self running down a hill with me in hot persuit. Then as I got close, she faked me out and ran a quick left toward the creek.
What are you thinking, you preggo heathen beast?
So I had to heard her up the hill like a dog. 
It was so funny!
So the kids rolled down the hill into the mud in the jackets that were just washed.
 But it was fun. They just qualified themselves for a tick check tonight. 
M busted out her books today, just a happy little studious clam. She is diggin on the Mad Libs.
K has requested to be taught how to read. I showed him a few things I had lying around. Alpha phonics, 100 EZ, and Bob books. He wants all three.
Sherri's party was fun. NOLA style food. 
Fried Chicken
Collard Greens
Corn Bread
Pulled pork
Red velvet Cake
interesting people who invented the vogue 
Drew presenting her with a plastic medal A-1 style
Classic Drew
Good times.
 Then I get home around 12:30 a.m and proceed to watch shows like Desperate Housewives, and something else that I never saw either with my Mom until 2 a.m.
It was goofy. The next day I was totally lazy, A was grouchy. He made us all a Corned beef and Cabbage dinner, complete with Soda Bread for all of us. I did not help. Because I was lazy. His Sis and husband joined us. 
It was a great way to while away another weekend, waiting for goat babies.-K

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Three Mommies said...

Mmmmm, NOLA food. Makes me homesick and hungry :)

I have some rue in the freezer. I could make a gumbo. It's not quite gumbo weather though. I have a friend who is going to pass through NOLA this month. He said he'd score us some Bluerunner beans. I hope he does because it's always perfect weather for red beans and rice.